Foam on the Virtual

Update: October 2020

There will be no in person meetings for the rest of 2020 due to the Coronavirus. We plan to have some sort of white elephant virtual event for the Holiday Party in December. More details to come through the club’s Google email distribution list.

March 2020:

Foam on the Range is shifting upcoming meetings starting with April’s club meeting to a virtual format to encourage social distancing in the fight against the virus. Details will be sent out through the club’s Google email distribution list.

We look forward to returning to normal gatherings and continue to plan events (and revise plans as necessary). Tentative upcoming events: Cinco De Mitcho, Iron Brewer, Bike Ride, Picnic and Rocky Mtn Homebrew Competition.

Time for February’s meeting with Cider

Our February meeting is this Wednesday, Feb. 5.  If you participated in the Cider Buy last November, please bring your finished cider so we can sample them.  Hope to see you there!

Happy 2020!

Tomorrow night, 8 January will be our first meeting of the year. 
Everyone remember to bring your stein beers, and don’t forget your checkbooks for dues, it’s that time again. We will be having elections as well. 

Looking forward to seeing all of you! 

Please help the club save some insurance dough today!

To help generate extra revenue for Foam On The Range, be sure to encourage club members (including you!) to join the AHA through your club’s custom membership referral link:

With the upcoming homebrew club insurance enrollment deadline on Sept. 1, 2019, I wanted to give you an overview of the club’s AHA membership status. All homebrew clubs are eligible to sign up for insurance, regardless of AHA membership within your club.

If 75% or more of Foam On The Range members are also AHA members, then the club will automatically receive a check fully reimbursing your $90 insurance premium payment. The AHA reimbursed over $5,000 to 41 clubs last year.
AHA Membership Affiliation (as of July 31, 2019):
· AHA members in Foam On The Range: 24
· 2018 club size (as reported to Wests Insurance): 24
· AHA Membership rate (based on 2018 club size): 100%
· AHA Members needed for 75%: 18

To reach 75% and qualify for free homebrew club insurance, we’ll need at least -6 additional club member(s) to join the AHA pending any change in the club’s size since last year.
Please help us reach the AHA 75% goal and register today!

Thank you!

It’s Picnic Time!

The Annual Foam on the Range Picnic will be this Saturday August 10th at Clement Park.
(no regular meeting on Wed, Aug 7th!)

Who: The members of Foam on the Range invite all fellow Homebrewers / Homebrew lovers / guests / families
What: Enjoy the day with food and homebrew prepared and brewed by members.
When: August 10th 2019 12 – 6 pm.
Where: Clement Park Shelter O
Why: To enjoy friends, family, food, and homebrew!

Bring your brews to share! PLEASE NO GLASS. We will have ice available to keep kegs cold; please bring your own taps and CO2

Please bring a side dish or dessert to share
Recommended dishes by last name:
A – H Salads
J – M Vegetable/Starch
N – Z Desserts

We will have a silent auction for brewing supplies/brewery swag
Shelter O is close to both playground and restrooms
This is a family friendly event; there will be non-alcoholic drinks available as well

Please drink responsibly

July Foam on the Road at Joyride Brewing

Our July Foam on the Road is this Thursday, 7/18, at Joyride Brewing, 2501 Sheridan Boulevard, Edgewater, CO 80214. Dave Bergen is a former member of the club, and Joyride has a new rooftop deck that we want to check out.


Carl spoke to Dave this weekend and there will have two food trucks this Thursday. Also, there will be a farmers market going on in the area, so you might have to park a little farther away. Dave said he would try to be there when we arrive. He also noted that we should not have too much trouble getting a table on the roof for the start of the meeting at 6pm.

As always, the planning meeting starts at 6pm with the social hour at 7pm. Hope to see you there.

July Meeting is tonight, July 10!

Greetings Foamers!

This Wednesday the 10th will be our next meeting. We will be recapping the clubs participation at NHC and the largest turnout for Iron Brewer in recent history.

As an added bonus, Jess and Ray will be bringing a sampling of beer from the trip to and from Providence.

See you all on Wednesday!

Meeting June 5th

Wednesday the 5th is our next meeting. Tyrone will be presenting on summer beers. See you there!


Hi Foamers — Today is the day:  Cinco de Mitcho!!  If you haven’t logged in your beer entries with me yet, please do so ASAP!  

As a recap, here are the entry procedures:

1.  Please email me ( if you are entering a beer in either of the two categories (Spirit of Mexico styles or Mexican-themed Pepper Beer styles). 

        — If you are entering a “pepper” beer: please let me know your “creative name”, the base beer, the type of pepper(s), and whether it is mild, medium or hot!!

— If you are entering a “Spirit of Mexico” beer: let me know your “creative name”, the beer style (light lager, amber/Vienna, or dark) and any special additives

2.  Please bring 2 bombers or 3-4 12-oz. bottles of each entry so we have enough beer for all to sample. Place in refrigerator to keep chilled

3. Label each bottle (do not include your personal name):

        — If you are entering a “pepper” beer: include your “creative name”, the base beer, the type of pepper(s), and whether it is mild, medium or hot!!

— If you are entering a “Spirit of Mexico” beer: include “creative name”, the beer style (light lager, amber/Vienna, or dark) and any special additives

4. The Spirit of Mexico judging will be an informal but serious judging procedure, with a first place and second place ribbon award given
5. The Mexican-themed Pepper beer judging will be more informal, but the winning entry will receive the prestigious Traveling Burrito Award!

6. An award will also be given for the best name of a brew, so be creative 

See you all tonight!

Senor Mitco

April Foam on the Road (4/18)

This month’s Foam on the Road is tomorrow ( April 18) at Seedstock Brewery, 3610 W Colfax Ave, Denver, CO 80204. They will have the Dalbey’s Delicatessen food truck available that evening.

The planning meeting starts at 6pm and the social hour starts at 7pm. Hope to see you there.