The June Meeting is here!

Our February meeting is Wednesday 6/5 at the clubhouse at 6:30 PM. 


  • Iron Brew

Everyone knows the deal by now, ring the bell

Iron Brewer and July Meeting

The annual Iron Brewer brew-off is Saturday, July 1, starting at 9am at The Brew Hut
Members who wish to brew, please bring equipment or reach out via email for loaner equipment. Otherwise please drop by to join the festivities

Our March meeting is this Wednesday 7/5 at 6:30pm at the clubhouse.
Agenda: Recap from NHC

The April Meeting is Here!

Our April meeting is this Wednesday 4/5 at 6:30pm at the clubhouse.
Matt Baumgart from Backacre Brewing will be giving a presentation on sour beer lessons/experiences.

Also, Saturday April 6th Dax and Scott are hosting a Rare and Vintage Bottle share
Bring any old, rare, or strange beer to share. Check the mailing list for more details

The March Meeting is Here!

Our March meeting is this Wednesday 3/1 at 6:30pm at the clubhouse. 
Please bring your Irish stouts or reds if you have them.

The February Meeting is here!

Our February meeting is this Wednesday 2/1 at the clubhouse at 6:30 PM. 


  • Stein beer tasting
  • Cider tasting

Everyone knows the deal by now, ring the bell

The January Meeting is here!

Our January meeting is this Wednesday 1/4 at the clubhouse at 6:30. 


  • Holiday Beer Tasting, firkin awesome!
  • Wild Yeast experiment tasting
  • Dark Beer Challenge (bring 2 bottles)

Everyone knows the deal by now, ring the bell.

Upcoming Events

Thank you to everyone that attended FoamComing at the brew hut!
There are number of events right around the corner, and more details will be provided as plans solidify; or reach out for more information.
– Nov 12th – Stein Beer ~ 10am
– Nov 16th – Foam on the Road: Raices Brewery ~ 6:30pm
– Dec 2nd – Holiday Party
– Jan 4th – Club Meeting: Wild Fermentation Tasting ~ 6:30pm

November Meeting and FoamComing is here at the Brew Hut!

Our November meeting is this Wednesday 11/2 at the clubhouse at the Brew Hut at 6:30pm. 
Alumni who have turned professional, and other former members are invited to attend.
Everyone knows the deal by now, ring the bell.

October Meeting is here!

Our October meeting is this Wednesday 10/5 at the clubhouse at 6:30.  Everyone knows the deal by now, ring the bell.

Rocky Mountain HBC Results

Medal PlaceBrewer NameSub StyleBeer NameClub
Light lagers (12 entries)
1stNate Wiley2A: International Pale LagerSalute this BeerNone
2ndGeoff Humphrey1B: American LagerTijd in de BergenRock Hoppers Brew Club (Centennial, CO)
3rdClayton Sampson
CoBrewer: Garrett Sampson
1B: American LagerYelling TimberrrNone
Pale European Beer (16 entries)
1stKelly Carr
CoBrewer: Chris Carr
5C: German Helles ExportbierKelles HellesNone
2ndMarc Wethington3B: Czech Premium Pale LagerPQ PilsAurora City Brew Club (Aurora, CO)
3rdTerry Fast5B: KolschTaste of RhineLakewood Fermentation Club (Lakewood, CO)
Amber Malty European Lager (10 entries)
1stDavid Bovitz6A: MarzenUmlauterNone
2ndShawn Miller4B: FestbierSuperfestCheyenne Beer Social Club (Cheyenne, WY)
3rdNick Fehringer7A: Vienna LagerWhen Will It RainNone
Dark European Lager (7 entries)
1stRaymond Schultz
CoBrewer: Jessica Finlay-Schultz
8B: SchwarzbierBlack MooseFoam On The Range (Denver, CO)
2ndChristopher Carr
CoBrewer: Kelly Carr
2C: International Dark Lager1445None
3rdEd Moore8A: Munich DunkelAsha Munich DunkelFoam On The Range (Denver, CO)
Strong Beer (9 entries)
1stEd Moore9A: DoppelbockTiger DopplebockFoam On The Range (Denver, CO)
2ndEd Moore20C: Imperial StoutMiss Kitty RISFoam On The Range (Denver, CO)
3rdJohn Horton22A: Double IPAJust an IIPAAurora City Brew Club (Aurora, CO)
German Wheat Beer (6 entries)
1stJames Allen10B: Dunkles WeissbierNoch Ein Bier BitteRock Hoppers Brew Club (Centennial, CO)
2ndChristopher Carr
CoBrewer: Kelly Carr
10C: WeizenbockBanana Bread BeerNone
3rdCarl Hjort10A: WeissbierFoam On The Range (Denver, CO)
Scottish and Irish Ale (5 entries)
1stMike Scott14C: Scottish ExportNessie’s MilkBrew Brothers of Pikes Peak (Colorado Springs, CO)
2ndTerry Fast13B: British Brown AleOnce Upon a TyneLakewood Fermentation Club (Lakewood, CO)
3rdGeoff Humphrey
CoBrewer: Geoff Shideler
14B: Scottish HeavyThe Epic Rage of Furious Thunder (McPherson’s Beard)Rock Hoppers Brew Club (Centennial, CO)
Dark British Beer (3 entries)
1stJames Morgheim16B: Oatmeal StoutSun Down Chocolate Oatmeal StoutRock Hoppers Brew Club (Centennial, CO)
2ndJohn Horton13C: English PorterEnglish PorterAurora City Brew Club (Aurora, CO)
Strong British Ale (7 entries)
1stNelson Crowle17D: English Barley WineThe Big OneIndian Peaks Alers (Longmont, CO)
2ndNelson Crowle17B: Old AleBarrel Aged Little JohnIndian Peaks Alers (Longmont, CO)
3rdEd Moore17C: Wee HeavyCarey Wee HeavyFoam On The Range (Denver, CO)
Pale American Ale (13 entries)
1stJohn Roberts18B: American Pale AleRadiation VibeBrew Brothers of Pikes Peak (Colorado Springs, CO)
2ndDavid Bovitz18B: American Pale AleChurlishNone
3rdThomas Lopez18A: Blonde AleRock Hoppers Brew Club (Centennial, CO)
Amber and Brown American Beer (6 entries)
1stMichael Boesen19A: American Amber Ale171 Gaelic BlasterLiquid Poets (Fort Collins, CO)
2ndDavid Bovitz20A: American PorterRetroPorterNone
3rdTerry Fast19A: American Amber AleC2BLakewood Fermentation Club (Lakewood, CO)
IPA (15 entries)
1stDavid Bovitz21C: Hazy IPAGozerianNone
2ndMasahiro Kitano21C: Hazy IPAMuddy TopperSoCal Cerveceros (SCC) (Norwalk, CA)
3rdTimothy Murphy21A: American IPAExperimental IPAGrist Busters (Denver, CO)
European Sour Ale (6 entries)
1stRaymond Schultz
CoBrewer: Jessica Finlay-Schultz
23B: Flanders Red AleFoam on the Range Flanders RedFoam On The Range (Denver, CO)
2ndTyrone Johnson
CoBrewer: FOTR Barrel Sour
23F: Fruit LambicCherry Flanders Red AleFoam On The Range (Denver, CO)
3rdLogan Wiley
CoBrewer: Devon Wiley
23C: Oud BruinOld BrownHigh Plains Drafters (Cheyenne, WY)
Belgian Ale (10 entries)
1stSteve Ristau25B: SaisonDouble GrisetteNone
2ndChad Taylor24A: WitbierWit Out YouNone
3rdGeoff Humphrey25C: Belgian Golden Strong AleThe Devil You KnowRock Hoppers Brew Club (Centennial, CO)
Monastic Ale (12 entries)
1stGeoff Humphrey26D: Belgian Dark Strong AleBlessed and CursedRock Hoppers Brew Club (Centennial, CO)
2ndJames Allen
CoBrewer: Dax Rush
26B: Belgian DubbelDubbel TroubleRock Hoppers Brew Club (Centennial, CO)
3rdJames Allen26A: Belgian SingleInnter SanctumRock Hoppers Brew Club (Centennial, CO)
Historical Beer (5 entries)
1stNelson Crowle27: Historical BeerImperial ChichaIndian Peaks Alers (Longmont, CO)
2ndGeoff Humphrey27: Historical BeerQuatschRock Hoppers Brew Club (Centennial, CO)
3rdMichael Boesen27: Historical Beer169 Pre-prohibition Cream AleLiquid Poets (Fort Collins, CO)
American Wild Ale (8 entries)
1stThomas Carpenter28B: Mixed-Fermentation Sour BeerSunday BluesCabarrus Homebrewers Society (CABREW) (Kannapolis, NC)
2ndNate Wiley28A: Brett BeerFunkytown IPANone
3rdTerry Fast28B: Mixed-Fermentation Sour BeerBlueberry Hill SourLakewood Fermentation Club (Lakewood, CO)
Fruit Beer (9 entries)
1stMasahiro Kitano29A: Fruit BeerPiña GuavaSoCal Cerveceros (SCC) (Norwalk, CA)
2ndEd Moore29A: Fruit BeerAsha Raspberry Foreign extra stoutFoam On The Range (Denver, CO)
3rdRaymond Schultz
CoBrewer: Tawny Pattermann, Jessica Finlay-Schultz
29B: Fruit and Spice BeerCranberry AleFoam On The Range (Denver, CO)
Spiced Beer (10 entries)
1stJay Thomas30A: Spice/Herb/Vegetable BeerNone
2ndEd Moore30A: Spice/Herb/Vegetable BeerAsha Hache chili RauchbeirFoam On The Range (Denver, CO)
3rdRaymond Schultz
CoBrewer: Jessica Finlay-Schultz
30A: Spice/Herb/Vegetable BeerPhilly Dilly Pickle BeerFoam On The Range (Denver, CO)
Alternative Fermentables Beer (8 entries)
1stBill Boyer31B: Alternative Sugar BeerPurified Honey WaterNorth Georgia Malt Monkeys (Woodstock, GA)
2ndGeoff Humphrey34C: Experimental BeerOlde 45 Reserve CobraRock Hoppers Brew Club (Centennial, CO)
3rdDavid Bovitz31A: Alternative Grain BeerMagenticNone
Smoke and Wood Beer (4 entries)
1stJon Schiller33A: Wood-Aged BeerWood Age Brown Mk 1Weizguys Homebrew Club (Loveland, CO)
2ndBrandon S Shaw
CoBrewer: Aaron Geiser
33B: Specialty Wood-Aged BeerTap ThatNone
3rdRussell B Willden32A: Classic Style Smoked BeerSweet NellyAurora City Brew Club (Aurora, CO)
Traditional and Fruit Mead (7 entries)
1stMarc WethingtonM2E: MelomelBlack QuinseyAurora City Brew Club (Aurora, CO)
2ndBill BoyerM2B: PymentMosquito Hunters – v1.0North Georgia Malt Monkeys (Woodstock, GA)
3rdBill BoyerM1B: Semi-Sweet MeadRocky Mountain Mesquite North Georgia Malt Monkeys (Woodstock, GA)
Spiced Specialty Mead (8 entries)
1stBill BoyerM4C: Experimental MeadWhat makes you think she’s a witch?North Georgia Malt Monkeys (Woodstock, GA)
2ndEd MooreM3A: Fruit and Spice MeadSparkle White Chocolate Raspberry meadFoam On The Range (Denver, CO)
3rdEd MooreM4A: BraggotSparkles Belgian Golden Strong braggotFoam On The Range (Denver, CO)
Cider and Perry (10 entries)
1stBill BoyerC2B: Cider with Other FruitViolet Beauregarde v1.1North Georgia Malt Monkeys (Woodstock, GA)
2ndChris LevesqueC1E: Traditional PerryOlde Town Mash Paddlers (Arvada, CO)
3rdRaymond Schultz
CoBrewer: Jessica Finlay-Schultz
C2B: Cider with Other FruitPeach CiderFoam On The Range (Denver, CO)
Heavy Medal for Rocky Mountain HBC 2022
Heavy Medal
Rocky Mountain HBC 2022

Heavy Medal – Brewer
NameMedalsTotal Points
Ed Moore 1st:1 2nd:4 3rd:314
Raymond Schultz BOSBeer1st:1 1st:2 3rd:312
Bill Boyer 1st:3 2nd:1 3rd:112
David Bovitz 1st:2 2nd:2 3rd:111
Geoff Humphrey 1st:1 2nd:3 3rd:211
Nelson Crowle 1st:2 2nd:18
Marc Wethington BOSMead/Cider1st:1 1st:1 2nd:16
James Allen 1st:1 2nd:1 3rd:16
Thomas Carpenter BOSBeer2nd:1 1st:15
Masahiro Kitano 1st:1 2nd:15
Nate Wiley 1st:1 2nd:15
Terry Fast 2nd:1 3rd:35
John Roberts BOSBeer3rd:1 1st:14
Michael Boesen 1st:1 3rd:14
Christopher Carr 2nd:24
Jon Schiller 1st:13
Jay Thomas 1st:13
Kelly Carr 1st:13
James Morgheim 1st:13
Mike Scott 1st:13
Steve Ristau 1st:13
John Horton 2nd:1 3rd:13
Chad Taylor 2nd:12
Brandon S Shaw 2nd:12
Shawn Miller 2nd:12
Chris Levesque 2nd:12
Tyrone Johnson 2nd:12
Clayton Sampson 3rd:11
Timothy Murphy 3rd:11
Thomas Lopez 3rd:11
Carl Hjort 3rd:11
Logan Wiley 3rd:11
Nick Fehringer 3rd:11
Russell B Willden 3rd:11

Heavy Medal – Club
NameMedalsTotal Points
None 1st:6 2nd:7 3rd:335
Foam On The Range (Denver, CO) BOSBeer1st:1 1st:3 2nd:5 3rd:729
Rock Hoppers Brew Club (Centennial, CO) 1st:3 2nd:4 3rd:421
North Georgia Malt Monkeys (Woodstock, GA) 1st:3 2nd:1 3rd:112
Aurora City Brew Club (Aurora, CO) BOSMead/Cider1st:1 1st:1 2nd:2 3rd:210
Indian Peaks Alers (Longmont, CO) 1st:2 2nd:18
Brew Brothers of Pikes Peak (Colorado Springs, CO) BOSBeer3rd:1 1st:27
Cabarrus Homebrewers Society (CABREW) (Kannapolis, NC) BOSBeer2nd:1 1st:15
SoCal Cerveceros (SCC) (Norwalk, CA) 1st:1 2nd:15
Lakewood Fermentation Club (Lakewood, CO) 2nd:1 3rd:35
Liquid Poets (Fort Collins, CO) 1st:1 3rd:14
Weizguys Homebrew Club (Loveland, CO) 1st:13
Cheyenne Beer Social Club (Cheyenne, WY) 2nd:12
Olde Town Mash Paddlers (Arvada, CO) 2nd:12
Grist Busters (Denver, CO) 3rd:11
High Plains Drafters (Cheyenne, WY) 3rd:11