Please help the club save some insurance dough today!

To help generate extra revenue for Foam On The Range, be sure to encourage club members (including you!) to join the AHA through your club’s custom membership referral link:

With the upcoming homebrew club insurance enrollment deadline on Sept. 1, 2019, I wanted to give you an overview of the club’s AHA membership status. All homebrew clubs are eligible to sign up for insurance, regardless of AHA membership within your club.

If 75% or more of Foam On The Range members are also AHA members, then the club will automatically receive a check fully reimbursing your $90 insurance premium payment. The AHA reimbursed over $5,000 to 41 clubs last year.
AHA Membership Affiliation (as of July 31, 2019):
· AHA members in Foam On The Range: 24
· 2018 club size (as reported to Wests Insurance): 24
· AHA Membership rate (based on 2018 club size): 100%
· AHA Members needed for 75%: 18

To reach 75% and qualify for free homebrew club insurance, we’ll need at least -6 additional club member(s) to join the AHA pending any change in the club’s size since last year.
Please help us reach the AHA 75% goal and register today!

Thank you!

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