Monthly Archives: August 2017

Annual Picnic

Come join us at our annual picnic tomorrow at Clement Park Saturday, August 12th starting at 11am.

Some of the items available in the silent auction listed below:

–  Lots of grain (base and specialty)  – 55lbs bags and various other amounts
–  LME (Liquid Malt Extract)
–  Hops (Aramis, Tettanger, East Kent Goldings)
–  Beer (Pug Ryans and the Sandlot)
–  Rare beer glasses (in sets of 6)
–  PBW
–  Star San
–  Brewing equipment (carboys, kegs, bottles)
– T-Shirts / Hats
– Gift certificate for an off-flavor class
– Products from Party Pig
– All sorts of other beer swag!!