Heavy Medal
Rocky Mountain HBC 2022

Heavy Medal - Brewer
NameMedalsTotal Points
Ed Moore 1st:1 2nd:4 3rd:314
Raymond Schultz BOSBeer1st:1 1st:2 3rd:312
Bill Boyer 1st:3 2nd:1 3rd:112
David Bovitz 1st:2 2nd:2 3rd:111
Geoff Humphrey 1st:1 2nd:3 3rd:211
Nelson Crowle 1st:2 2nd:18
Marc Wethington BOSMead/Cider1st:1 1st:1 2nd:16
James Allen 1st:1 2nd:1 3rd:16
Thomas Carpenter BOSBeer2nd:1 1st:15
Masahiro Kitano 1st:1 2nd:15
Nate Wiley 1st:1 2nd:15
Terry Fast 2nd:1 3rd:35
John Roberts BOSBeer3rd:1 1st:14
Michael Boesen 1st:1 3rd:14
Christopher Carr 2nd:24
Jon Schiller 1st:13
Jay Thomas 1st:13
Kelly Carr 1st:13
James Morgheim 1st:13
Mike Scott 1st:13
Steve Ristau 1st:13
John Horton 2nd:1 3rd:13
Chad Taylor 2nd:12
Brandon S Shaw 2nd:12
Shawn Miller 2nd:12
Chris Levesque 2nd:12
Tyrone Johnson 2nd:12
Clayton Sampson 3rd:11
Timothy Murphy 3rd:11
Thomas Lopez 3rd:11
Carl Hjort 3rd:11
Logan Wiley 3rd:11
Nick Fehringer 3rd:11
Russell B Willden 3rd:11

Heavy Medal - Club
NameMedalsTotal Points
None 1st:6 2nd:7 3rd:335
Foam On The Range (Denver, CO) BOSBeer1st:1 1st:3 2nd:5 3rd:729
Rock Hoppers Brew Club (Centennial, CO) 1st:3 2nd:4 3rd:421
North Georgia Malt Monkeys (Woodstock, GA) 1st:3 2nd:1 3rd:112
Aurora City Brew Club (Aurora, CO) BOSMead/Cider1st:1 1st:1 2nd:2 3rd:210
Indian Peaks Alers (Longmont, CO) 1st:2 2nd:18
Brew Brothers of Pikes Peak (Colorado Springs, CO) BOSBeer3rd:1 1st:27
Cabarrus Homebrewers Society (CABREW) (Kannapolis, NC) BOSBeer2nd:1 1st:15
SoCal Cerveceros (SCC) (Norwalk, CA) 1st:1 2nd:15
Lakewood Fermentation Club (Lakewood, CO) 2nd:1 3rd:35
Liquid Poets (Fort Collins, CO) 1st:1 3rd:14
Weizguys Homebrew Club (Loveland, CO) 1st:13
Cheyenne Beer Social Club (Cheyenne, WY) 2nd:12
Olde Town Mash Paddlers (Arvada, CO) 2nd:12
Grist Busters (Denver, CO) 3rd:11
High Plains Drafters (Cheyenne, WY) 3rd:11